The Messy Process (unedited wounds and all)

At the end of the day when everything fades away your left to see the problem wasn’t anyone or anything but everything inside. The battles you fought and thought you won weren’t won they were just covered with distractions and tasks. All that busyness didn’t even count to the lord it was all for the flesh and those around you. For others to think your the best when in reality your life is a mess. This false identity you wear is like an extra layer of makeup with concealer hiding every impurity with a hint of pink blush or should I just say deception.
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Dirty Bath Water ( My Battle and Victory over Depression)​

I’m writing from a place of vulnerability, a place where  I don’t like to bring people often. Kind of like the room you shove everything in when you find out unexpected guest are coming over less than five minutes.  Some of you know very well what I’m talking about. The problem with this concept we forget to come back because everything on the outside looks good. And then we have more guest and we just keep piling and piling. What if we got vulnerable and  showed God our messes instead of hiding the devils work. Continue reading