About GLT

Hey Treasures I’m Desiree,


 I was totally a mess when Jesus found me back in 2015 he picked up a rejected girl with a lack of identity filled with rage and wounds. Jesus showed me I was his little treasure. That’s where the name God’s Little Treasures stemmed from. (Deuteronomy 7:6)  God nurtured me with love and restored everything I was  lacking. As I get to know  Jesus more and more I just want to share.   Please note reading my blog doesn’t count as personal time with God. Get in the word for yourself. NLT)

Things about me: 28 Years young, Adopted, Foster Care Alumni, Small town girl  who lives in a big city New York.

Food Favorites:  string cheese, apples and crunchy peanut butter, Chipotle,  french fries, steak, love trying new foods

Fun Facts: Out of the 50 states of the USA I have been to 21. Love trips to the library, long train rides with a good book and journal, love stationery shopping, I can walk on my hands and do a front flip, Hate Flies, I love writing, drinking tea, love thrift shopping, love photography

Professional background: Over 8 years of children’ s Advocacy,  Family Recruiter and Youth Advocate Supervisor ,Majoring  in Social work, In 2013 honored by the White House as a Champion of Change, Honored 2010 as NYS  Mental Health Youth Advocate of the year.

God’s Little Treasures Focus on: 

  • Adoption: Adoptees, Foster Care System, Orphans, Birthmothers
  • Helping churches become foster care sensitive and having the tools to equip orphans to become powerful daughters and sons of God
  • Sharing my testimony of the things God has done and sharing things shame whispers don’t share.


My church home: I’m a King Jesus Ministry Girl ( King  Jesus Ministry saved my life and it keeps equipping me more and more. If you want to be healed, delivered, transformed start by hitting the link King Jesus Ministry.