About GLT

Hey, I’m Desiree WELCOME

Little Corky things about me: 28 years young, I love Jesus, I’m adopted,  Love Hummus,  Love a good book  and a long train ride. chipotle lover , I’m a New Yorker but my Heart is in Texas some day I desire to live thereProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset, love being home, blogger (DUH), photographer in the making, a heart for Foster Care and Orphans,  Fixer Up is the only show I watch, I’m minimalist in the making and I love trips to the library and walks in preserves and trails , random but many people want to travel aboard I just want to visit all 50 states.  So far I’ve been to about 15 🙂

What’s God’s Little Treasures about? Great question. God’s Little Treasures was birthed when I was in a low place in my life ( Depression/ Suicide, etc)  The Lord took me to Deuteronomy 7:6  and his love ministered to me.  My blog is to share treasures God teaches me through experiences and time with him.  I’m sharing everything SHAME whispers not to share. And to let every orphan or young person in Foster care know they have a heavenly father  I’m a firm believer our testimonies are not to be kept in the closet but we are to share them even if there dark and ugly. I pray  my blog inspires you to get even closer to Jesus  because that’s what its all about.

My church home: I’m a King Jesus Ministry Girl ( King  Jesus Ministry saved my life and it keeps equipping me more and more.  If you want to be healed, delivered, transformed start by hitting the link King Jesus Ministry.

I love Jesus and know he is a healer of the now!!! There’s nothing too big or small for God to take care of my life is testimony of that.  God is supernatural !!!